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Duration: 9:43

Themes Discussed:

Choices Fulfillment Goals Inspiration Perseverance Planning Risk Success

Tags: 1992, 1997, acres, agonizing, Bronx, calculated, change, Christmas break, city, clone, community, complaints, compost bins, composting, country, cycles, Dancing Rabbit, decision, different, different way of life, Director of Energy and Sustainability, doing things, down period, eco bug, eco-village, energy, envelope, environmental science, environmentalist, existing, explore, fail, family, farming, flyers, freaked out, freedom, full scholarship, fun, goal, graduated, group house, hands, happiness, happy, Harlem, head, health department, health food stores, image, impact, influential people, inspired, internal economy, join, jump, law, leap, learning, leave, let down, life choices, loser, love, midwest, minimum wage, Missouri, money, music, music major, national student exchange, New York City, NYU, off campus, one year, passion, perceived risk, picture, proper, prove, purpose, radical social change, real world, reasoning, recycling, risk, rockies, rural, safety net, Salt Lake City, shared cars, solar panel installer, solar panels, square feet, Stanford, state of the world, statistic, stop working, student co op, succeed, success, sustainability, sustainable living, thought, transfer, trapped, University of Maryland, University of Montana, urban, village, vital, weight, working out, working with your hands, world, worried, youth

Cecil Scheib

Director of Sustainability & Energy
New York, NY

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