Byron's Open Road


Process Integration Engineer
Texas Instruments

“If you're not challenged, you're not growing.”


Numbers Technology


Self-Reflection Doubt Education Support & Encouragement Focus Goals


Accomplishing Goals


  • As a kid, had a strong curiosity for math, science technology.
  • Was obsessed with Star Wars, bought a telescope, got interested in space, space travel.
  • Went to MIT undergrad; "it was a challenge, to say the least," and he doubted he was good enough.
  • Says, "get people around you that are going to help you be successful; make sure you have a support system so you can fall back on them."
  • Encourages students to "take what the professor gives you and distill it into something you understand," rewrite your notes in a language you understand.
  • When confronted with distractions living in the Bay Area ("a happenin' place"), just kept his focus on getting his Stanford degree.
  • Now works at Texas Instruments developing semiconductor materials that enable touchscreen capabilities in computers and phones.

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