Bryan's Open Road

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Media Relations Director
New Belgium Brewery

“The things that you'd like to be doing...the thing is you go and you try them. If I hadn't tried that I'd still be thinking about it.”


Business Food


Experience Exploration Fulfillment Risk Regrets Success


beer, business, business school, film, film industry, freedom, journalism, movies, news, screenplays, television, trying different things


After graduating college with a journalism degree, Bryan worked in TV news until he realized that the newsroom oftentimes filled with depressing stories wasn't for him. He quit his job and moved to Los Angeles to write screenplays and sell them. While trying to make it in a tough industry, Bryan had to make the decision of whether he wanted to work on films he didn't really believe in or pursue his own path. He then moved back to Colorado and produced his own feature film. Although Bryan didn't stay long in L.A., he says he has no regrets because he got to experience something new.

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