Bruce's Open Road

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    Here, There and Everywhere


    Moab, UT

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Photographer/Art Coach

“Part of that is getting out of what you know—whether you chose to do it—and I kind of chose to do it serendipitously. ”


Art Education


Confidence Courage Exploration Negativity Pressure


Being Creative


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After finishing high school in Salt Lake City, Utah, Bruce Hucko was expected by his parents and community to go off to business school, law school, or medical school. Not really having much choice in the matter, Bruce did just that. He ended up at the University of Utah where he completed a degree in business management. But after graduating, he felt like he had no unique path. He realized he just had too many voices telling him what he should be doing or ought to be doing. Trying to find his own way, Bruce discovered he really enjoyed photography. He decided to take a class where he gained skills in the art form. Then, with a few friends in his class, he started teaching art to children in classrooms. One day, another teacher suggested to him that he take his skills to children in the Utah Strip of the Navajo Reservation. Bruce decided to take a risk, knowing that it would be hard to adjust to a different culture. He was 26 years old at the time. But despite his parents' disapproval, he went there anyway, staying there for 10 years as a teacher and artist-in-education. He built confidence while working with children there, which led him to move to a Pueblo community in New Mexico where he continued his work in photography of indigenous cultures and the American West. Since then, Bruce's work has been featured in numerous books and calendars. He has also received many awards including "best book of the year on the U.S. experience of cultural diversity" from Multicultural Review magazine.

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