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    Altadena, CA


Chief Science Officer
Blue Marble Game Company

“Reviews are not rejections; they’re learning opportunities. Everything can be made better after you get intelligent feedback.”


Education Science


Confidence Individualism Societal Pressures Hobbies & Pastimes Choices Perseverance Determination Failure


Learning and Being Challenged


change, computers, creativity, design, dyslexia, expectations, family, games, gaming, independence, individuality, innovation, learning, motivation, neuroscience, psychology, skills, technology, therapy, video games


  • Says disability is just a “person-environment fit phenomenon,” so her goal is to create more encompassing environments through technology.
  • Growing up, her parents wanted her to work at the local pen factory; instead, she studied to become an occupational therapist.
  • After college, she worked at a rehabilitation hospital and started collaborating with physical therapists to develop new treatments.
  • The connection between physical and occupational therapy intrigued her, so she went back to school and got her Ph.D. in occupational science.
  • Says games have always been used in occupational therapy, so naturally, she was also interested in the growing overlap between technology and therapy.
  • Now she develops computer games that stimulate patients’ cognitive and physical skills, while simultaneously tracking metrics that will better inform their medical care.
  • When her grandson was diagnosed with ADHD, she started dedicating more of her efforts to creating games for people with learning and attention issues.
  • Tells road-trippers to always “look into the mouth of the tiger”; everything is more manageable if you don’t let your anxiety get the best of you.

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