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“Don't entertain 'if.' Get that out of your vocabulary. Don't entertain 'fear.' If you put that thought in your mind, it's gonna manifest. Tell yourself, 'No more if; when.”


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Fear Desire Planning Determination Chance Doubt Experience Individualism Societal Pressures Goals Passion Values Opportunity Risk


Being Creative


  • Came home from school everyday to his mother singing along to American Bandstand-first introduction to music.
  • Then he saw the Florida A&M marching band; "Everything was so fast and, I wanna play like that."
  • His father took a job at a Jewish temple; now he was hearing cantillations, added on to his rock and drumming influences.
  • A friend introduced him to Ray Charles' drummer, Billy Peeples, who taught him swing, bebop drumming.
  • Transferred his knowledge into his preferred method of hand drumming; innovated, popularized hand drumming.
  • Says, "make yourself a priority"-if you get excited by something, you obviously love doing it, should pursue it.
  • Make time for all of your hobbies and passions; like "the head of a corporation," make time and get them done.

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