Bobby's Open Road



“Don't entertain ‘if', get that out of your vocabulary…don't entertain ‘fear.' If you put that thought in your mind, it's gonna manifest. So you keep telling yourself ‘I'm going to do this' and ‘when I'm gonna do this,' not ‘if, it's always ‘when.'”




Chance Desire Determination Doubt Experience Fear Planning


American Bandstand, drumming, drums, Florida A&M, follow your heart, hobbies, Jewish temple, learning, making time, marching band, mindset, parents, priorities, putting yourself first, time management, what if


Bobby Thomas Jr., a self-taught percussionist, recognizes how life-experiences have influenced his music. While in elementary school, he was introduced to R&B and rock and roll—Bobby recalls his mother singing around the house to American Bandstand. At the age of 5, his father took him to see the Florida A&M marching band. Bobby knew he wanted to play like them, "real fast, real clean." Due to segregation laws, he attended a Jewish school where he was exposed to very traditional music. Bobby went on to play bebop with the drummer for Ray Charles, who taught him new skills he transferred to hand drumming. His music is a reflection of a life full of listening and learning, and Bobby's notorious style continues to evolve.

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