Bob's Open Road

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Big Foot

“I never sat down and thought, 'I'm going to build a monster truck.' It just happened.”


Action Sports Engineering


Chance Culture Hard Work


auto, mechanic, monster trucks, racing, timing


Bob Chandler initially thought his four-wheel-drive shop was going to be a small side project, but he soon realized it was going to be more than that. He began customizing his own truck to advertise the work that he did in his shop. He took Bigfoot to as many races, mud climbs, and truck pulls as possible; and all the while, he kept supersizing his truck: "As I'd break things, I'd put heavier components on it." After 5 years of installing newer and heavier parts, Bob's truck Bigfoot officially became the world's first monster truck; and Bob and his friends had also created a new motorsport--car crushing. Thinking their destructive hobby could be entertaining for others, they began performing in front of crowds. Thirty-one years later, Bob Chandler is still leading the industry in custom monster trucks: Bigfoot has visited 17 countries and won 18 Monster Truck racing championships. With monster trucks gaining popularity worldwide, it's clear that Bob didn't just invent a sport: he invented a culture.

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