Bob's Open Road


Big Foot

“I never sat down and thought, 'I'm going to build a monster truck.' It just happened.”


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Building Things


  • Started a small four-wheel drive shop.
  • Was always improving his own truck, showing it off, racing it.
  • Kept breaking things, kept putting, bigger heavier components on the truck.
  • "Vicious cycle": he'd put on a bigger axle, need a bigger engine, put on bigger tires, need a bigger axle, etc.
  • After four or five of these "resizings," had the first ever "monster truck" on his hands: Bigfoot.
  • Decided to drive Bigfoot over a couple of old cars for fun, filmed it with a VHS camera.
  • Motorsports promoter saw the footage, convinced Bob to crush cars for a live audience.
  • Was convinced Bigfoot's popularity wouldn't last, resolved to go to every show and competition he could-made a huge difference in the long run.

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