Beverly's Open Road


Executive Director
National Civil Rights Museum

“Don't feel that because you're still seeking, or because you're not really sure, that you've got to know right now. It's a quest, and for some of us, it's a lifelong quest.”


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Helping People


  • Neither of her parents graduated high school but always pushed their kids to get a good education.
  • Always worked hard in school to dispel stereotypes about her
  • Went to college and graduate school; started working in "corporate America."
  • Worked for Holiday Inn for 19 years in all different fields, from reservations to national advertising.
  • Decided to start her own business, says her mother was so worried about the outcome, she had to go lay down on the couch.
  • When she was approached to run a museum, knew nothing about the business but said, "Well, I've been to a few…" and went for it.
  • Says once we find our own happiness, we have a responsibility to empower others.
  • "Just DO something, then decide if it's something you want to keep doing."

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