Beth's Open Road


Saturday Night Live and the MTV Video Music Awards

“If you work hard and persevere, I think that you'll be successful in whatever you do.”


Film Television


Hard Work Perseverance Determination Success Experience Exploration Opportunity


Accomplishing Goals


  • Always knew she wanted to work in the entertainment industry.
  • As an intern at MTV, she had directors sit her down and say, "You should be a director."
  • Realized that as a child, she'd always been the "bossy" one, putting on productions, giving her friends directions.
  • Says her internship at MTV was amazing because they were in an experimental phase; she was exposed to shows in all kinds of formats.
  • Held out for the job she really wanted, even though it meant years of working long hours with low pay.
  • "Not every experience is gonna be a 'wow,' but it might open up the doors to something else."
  • Waiting paid off-got a job directing The Jon Stewart Show, which led to directing SNL.
  • SNL gig led to a plethora of jobs directing comedy shows, among them 30 Rock, The Mindy Show, Parks and Recreation.

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