Bennie's Open Road


Independent Filmmaker/Founder
Trickster Films

“If you have to justify what you do on a daily basis, if you have to justify it to yourself, then you're probably doing the wrong thing.”




Culture Desire Failure Passion Pressure Instincts


college, creativity, film school, justification, kicked out, Navajo reservation, odd jobs, partying, putting yourself first, radio, school, working


Documentary filmmaker Bennie Klain grew up in a poor Navajo reservation and spent several years working service jobs. However, he wanted an out, so he enrolled in college. In his first year, he flunked out due to too much partying. While his mother still believed Bennie was in school, he searched for a job where he could expand his creativity. Finally, he got a job with a radio station and he felt he was on the right path with a creative outlet. "In the back of my mind I had always wanted to do something creative, but when you're growing up on a reservation you can be creative but you won't get paid for it." It was while he was in radio that he stumbled upon the idea for a documentary. He decided he wanted to pursue filmmaking and went to Texas for film school. From there, Bennie simply let his life lead him down his own path.

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