Ben's Open Road


Music Conductor
Boston Philharmonic

“Don't look around wondering whether you're better or worse than the next person because it's not about that-it's about what you want to do.”


Music Writing


Determination Experience Exploration Fear Perseverance Dedication Negativity Fulfillment


Being Creative


  • Wrote his first compositions when he was nine years old; his mother entered them into his town's annual art festival.
  • One of the festival judges said his compositions were so bad, he should never write music again.
  • Undeterred, his mother sent the music to renowned composer Benjamin Britten, who invited Zander to come study with him.
  • Studied cello; at age 12, was youngest member of the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain.
  • After taking five years off and traveling Europe as a "vagabond," returned to university, studied literature.
  • Came to the U.S. to do graduate work at Harvard and Brandeis Universities.
  • Conducts the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra and Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra.
  • Nominated for Grammy for "Best Orchestral Performance" in 2010.

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