Ben's Open Road

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The Boiler Room

“You can't be afraid to do the grunt work.”


Film Writing


Fulfillment Opportunity Risk Struggle


Being Creative


  • Knew he loved movies more than anything else in life, but never thought it could be a career.
  • Nothing else really jumped out at him, so he majored in communications.
  • After college, found a production assistant job and fell in love with the film set on the first day.
  • Did the "grunt work" as a PA, mostly doing coffee orders.
  • Quit that job to go work on a film for no pay; film got canceled the day he was supposed to start.
  • A friend felt bad that the film fell through, invited him to help shoot a Wu Tang Clan video.
  • People at the shoot assumed he knew what he was doing but Ben had never worked grip.
  • Faked his way through that first music video and the rest was history.

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