Baron's Open Road


Rolling Stone Magazine

“I look back and I realize that having this opportunity at Rolling Stone was a gift from the Gods. I found I could talk with my camera better than I could talk with my mouth.”




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How many people can say they were the first photographer at Rolling Stone? Only one. That person is Baron Wolman. Although he has always had a passion for photography, it took a long time before he realized he could make a career out of it. While working in counter-intelligence in post-World War II Berlin, started snapping pictures. He sent those pictures and a story about the experience to his hometown newspaper. After posting it on the front-page of the features section, the paper sent Baron a check for fifty dollars. He then realized he could make some money from something he just loved doing. It was rough for Baron at first. With some encouragement from his father, Baron went out there and, and with a lot of hard work, eventually got hired by the then-fledgling Rolling Stone Magazine.

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