Atoosa's Open Road


Seventeen Magazine

“There's always a voice inside your head, and a lot of people second guess it. It can tell me very crazy things, and I will walk willingly into its arms.”


Fashion Journalism Writing


Confidence Doubt Goals Hard Work Planning Pressure Transitions Instincts Opportunity


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Atoosa Rubenstein knew what she wanted to do when she was an undergraduate at Barnard College and she also had a plan for achieving her goal of working in the magazine industry. At Cosmo, where Atoosa became a fashion editor, her career took off, exceeding her own expectations. When she was 26, she became the founding editor of CosmoGIRL!, an opportunity she had not foreseen. Now editor-in-chief at Seventeen magazine, Atoosa admits that her work consumes her. What motivates her? It's not the money, she says, or the recognition, but the chance to make a positive impact on young women's lives.

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