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Duration: 4:32

Themes Discussed:

Culture Failure Fulfillment Hard Work Individualism Inspiration Negativity Passion Regrets Struggle Success Support & Encouragement

Tags: ability, accepting, advice, alternative, art, being alive, being lost, brain, bubble, burden, challenge, challenges, change, charity, childhood, comfort zone, comfortable, confrontation, contribute, contribution, conversations, creativity, critical thinking, criticism, customs, death, deception, differences, economics, effort, emotions, empathy, familiar, family, father, feedback, fitting in, happiness, heart, heritage, history, holistic, ideas, immigrant, importance, innovation, inventions, keep thinking, knowledge, learning, logic, loss, media, mind, miserable, monetary, objective view, opposition, Pakistan, perspective, positivity, possessions, poverty, praise, problem solver, problem solving, purpose, pushing yourself, rationalize, reconstruct, rejection, relating, respectable old age, responsibility, restructure, school, schools, science, second guessing, stress, suggestion, supportive, surroundings, thinking, time frame, traditions, understanding, unique, validation, working smarter, World Bank

Ashfaq Ishaq

International Child Art Foundation
Washington, DC

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