Ann's Open Road

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Rock Journalist/Senior Curator
Experience Music Project

“If you don't learn who you are first, you'll just be like everyone else.”


Journalism Music Writing


Confidence Failure Individualism Planning Dedication


childhood, dedicated poverty, Freud, ideas, poor, reading, rejection, self discovery


Ann Powers grew up loving to read, and as a young kid she felt like the only world that accepted her was the world of books, novels, and magazines. Her passion for reading eventually led her to become an English major in college. Studying what she loved, Ann defied taking what her parents considered a more financially stable path in life such as accounting or teaching. But Ann has now defined a path that has led her to be one of the most well noted writers on pop music and culture. She has written for publications such as the New York Times, the LA Times, and Blender magazine. She has also authored several books, one of which she co-wrote with musician Tori Amos. Although she's had many successes, Ann never really planned for them, but rather just followed what she loved. "Be determined, but don't plan," she says.

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