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    Full Circle


    Columbus, OH


Professional Soccer Player
Columbus Crew

“I’ve never been highly touted; I’ve always just been a guy who got a chance and tried to prove my worth.”


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Accomplishing Goals


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  • Always loved “diving around” as a child; when he played Little League baseball, he’d purposely move away from balls so he’d have to dive further for them.
  • Soccer was always a huge part of his life, but when he got to the collegiate level, he started to have doubts about it; thought about quitting.
  • He approached his coach about his apprehensions; in turn, his coach told him, “If you don’t want to be here, there’s the door.”
  • Realized he couldn’t waste his unique opportunity and started turning his attitude around; he got great grades and really started proving himself on the field.
  • He learned that during difficult seasons, the sport that you love can start to feel like a job—you just have to keep showing up and putting work in.
  • After college, he was selected to play for the Columbus Crew; eventually became their starting goalkeeper.
  • Believes that as a professional athlete, it’s important to have a backup plan; plans on opening his own goalkeeping clinic after he retires.
  • Says, “I don’t want to be in a bar someday saying, ‘I played professionally.’ No one cares anymore. Figure out what’s next.”

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