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    Los Gatos, CA


Senior Technical Program Manager

“A lot of the things I consider ‘accomplishments’ aren’t my credentials or my degrees; they’re those little moments when I felt really insecure and I made it through.”


Business Technology


Perseverance Societal Pressures Struggle Confidence Hard Work Passion Goals Success Acceptance Determination Desire Fulfillment Inspiration Doubt Individualism Dedication Opportunity Support & Encouragement Failure Experience


Accomplishing Goals


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  • Says that when she tells people she works in computer science, they assume she’s a coder working late at night and living off of Mountain Dew.
  • On the contrary, she works in a very social role at Netflix, managing teams of coders and acting as a liaison between them and the business managers.
  • When she first got out of college and was working as a coder, she felt like her bosses and her teams didn’t know where to put her.
  • Because she’s a stubborn person, she refused to be classified as the “dumb girl,” and always worked hard to prove herself.
  • Says that her stubbornness sometimes meant she’d spend three times longer on a project or studying for a test, but she was always willing to put in that extra time.
  • Wishes that there were more women in her field so that she didn’t feel the need to prove herself every time she starts a new job or new project.
  • Says she gets competitive about mental exercises; if she sees someone doing something she wants to be able to do, she makes herself learn how to do it.
  • She’s passionate about tech because she believes its capabilities are growing exponentially right now—we’re living in a time where it can make big changes in people’s lives.

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