Alyson's Open Road

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    Here, There and Everywhere


    Austin, TX

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“If you know you're creative, it's gonna grab you.”




Acceptance Confidence


Anthropology, athletics, creativity, critique, design, drawing, embarrassement, fashion, first step, inferior, insecurity, material, nervous breakdown, paralyzed, photography, running, sports, University of Colorado at Boulder, University of Florida, validation


In high school Alyson Fox considered herself an athlete. Even up until her sophomore year in college, running track for Florida State University, Alyson saw herself as an athlete. But that year, Alyson questioned why she was really running—she didn't see herself doing that for the rest of her life. So, she quit track at the end of that year. But with nothing to occupy her anymore, Alyson felt lost. Then, her grandma told her she should take an art class, as she has always been artistic. So, Alyson decided to take an art course that next semester, and she loved it. After graduating college, Alyson went on to receive her master of fine arts degree at University of Colorado at Boulder. After completing her master's, Alyson moved to Austin, Texas, where she started looking for work without much luck. Getting anxious about the possibly of being forced into a cubicle job, she started marketing her artwork to local stores and boutiques. It was from there that Alyson started getting recognition for her work, gaining attention from a big design blog. Alyson finally started considering herself as a 'real' artist. She felt that she was able to show the world her talents and what she can do.

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