Alyson's Open Road



“Look at everything you can-something's gonna grab you. If you know you're creative, it's gonna grab you.”


Art Design


Individualism Inspiration Passion Confidence Hobbies & Pastimes Self-Reflection Talent Courage Focus Values Doubt Fear Exploration Acceptance Choices Goals Success


Accomplishing Goals


  • Didn't take any art classes in high school; focused on athletics, ran track for Florida State.
  • Realized she was running from something; had a breakdown, quit track, reevaluated her interests.
  • Took an art class as an elective and says "it just stuck"; changed her major soon after.
  • Originally hated drawing because she felt that everything had to look a certain way.
  • Stopped worrying about drawing things perfectly and found her own style; drawing became her favorite medium.
  • Had a corporate job that allowed her to be creative, but within set parameters.
  • Realized if she wanted to be happy, she'd have to quit and devote herself to making, creating for herself.
  • After her big break on Design*Sponge, she finally felt comfortable calling herself an "artist."

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