Alissa's Open Road


Community Development Intern
Builders of Promise

“As long as you have the tenacity to stick out the beginnings of things, everything else will fall into place.”


Government Non-Profit Organizations


Fulfillment Success Determination Community


Helping People


  • Her family was very purpose-driven, and she thought she'd best be able to help people by working in government.
  • After interning at a senator's office, she realized that working in politics left her too removed from the community.
  • She approached one of her teaching assistants-who had started Builders of Promise-and asked to get in on the ground level.
  • Builders of Promise is a nonprofit that aims to empower and uplift the communities and people of Detroit.
  • One of Alissa's big projects with Builders of Promise was building a community garden in 2013.
  • Says anything you do will help you build a skillset that will be helpful later in life.
  • For example, she believes that her skills in purposeful community development will extend beyond her nonprofit work.
  • Says, "as long as you love what you do, you'll find a way to make it a success."

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