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Comic Book Painter/Illustrator

“My getting to where I am is based upon some good fortune, but a lot of it is taking advantage of every opportunity and putting the pedal to the metal.”




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Being Creative


ambitions, anger, art school, awareness, comfort zone, comics, comparing yourself, drawing, drive, graphic novels, independence, independent, Marvel Comics, publishing, realism, rejection, self esteem, social anxiety, spiderman, taking advantage


When Alex Ross saw his first episode of Spider-Man on TV, he instantly fell in love with the superheroes and knew that he wanted to bring these colorful characters to life. By the age of 13, he was making full graphic art. When Alex was 17, he went to art school in Chicago, Ill., where it struck him that he could paint comic books. This original thought, along with his more realistic painting style, separated Alex from the traditional cartoonish look of other comic book characters. Alex finished art school at age 19 where he then got a job in storyboards at an advertising agency. But Alex's success as a comic book artist was just beginning to brew around that time. An editor at Marvel Comics had seen Alex's work and suggested that they collaborate on a story together. Their plans came to fruition in 1993 with Marvels, a graphic novel. This book landed Alex his first exposure to the comic book industry and brought him a lot of positive attention. Fans of Marvel appreciated Alex's affection and realism that he brought into the characters. After Alex's first claim to fame with Marvels, he was asked to do Kingdom Come and Uncle Sam, a story that looked into the dark side of American history. Since then, Alex has painted some of the most famous and recognized covers for Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman comic books.

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