Alastair's Open Road

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Managing Editor
Mother Jones Magazine

“Experience the world. Do some other doesn't have to be the all end all; it's not the measure of who you are as a person.”


Journalism Politics Writing


Chance Choices Experience Exploration Hard Work Risk Self-Reflection


clarity, Europe, exposure, investment banking, learning, manual labor, maturity, publishing, responsibility, self discovery, ski resort, skiing, space, travel, try things


Alastair Paulin's career in the publishing industry started later in his life. Before graduating college in New Zealand, Alastair spent his time as a 'ski bum' in Utah. "I was a waiter, skied six hours a day, and had an awesome time," he says. After graduation, Alastair searched for work, but had difficulties and ended up painting houses for a year. From there, Alastair got a temporary office job. His supervisors were impressed with his work, and they offered him a full-time position at an investment bank. Soon Alastair decided the banking world wasn't for him, and he and his wife traveled around the world. After returning from his trip, Alastair decided publishing was his true calling and got a job as the assistant to the publisher of Mother Jones magazine, and has been with the company ever since.

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