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“I decide, and I do it, and then I figure out: Was it a good or a bad thing? And if it was a bad thing, what did I learn from it?”


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Accomplishing Goals


  • Grew up in segregated south Louisiana.
  • After the "Freedom of Choice" law passed, decided to go to the majority white school to get a better education.
  • Rather than wallowing in the fact that no one sat next to her on the school bus, she enjoyed having a seat to herself.
  • Found her passion for programming in high school, got her Bachelor's degree in computer science and applied mathematics.
  • First woman of color in a programming position at the Shreveport IBM office.
  • Faced discrimination at her job at IBM-certain clients didn't want to work with an African-American woman.
  • Never saw being the only woman or the only person of color in her industry as a limiting factor.
  • Fought for an equal wage after learning that men in her same position were making much more money.

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