Akira's Open Road


3D Animator and Designer

“If you're unsure, try as many things as you can. Don't be afraid to fail.”


Art Design


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Being Creative


  • Grew up in a small town in New Hampshire.
  • Did his undergraduate studies in studio art at Skidmore College.
  • When he was a senior in college, he took a class in 3-D animation.
  • He'd thought that computer-based design was more for a smarter set, but that class proved him wrong.
  • That semester-long class was his only exposure to the field, but he sought out a computer design job after graduation.
  • He began freelancing for Framestore, then was eventually hired on to the staff.
  • In 2013, Framestore won a host of visual effects awards for their work on the film Gravity.
  • Says that the key to success is putting yourself out there and trying as many things as you can.

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