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    TEACH Roadtrip


    Columbus, OH


VP of Education, Philanthropy, and STEM Learning
Battelle Memorial Institute

“Starting from scratch is the best because you can be whatever you want to be.”


Education Science


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Helping People


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  • Wanted to go into teaching because she wanted to show kids that a good education could lead them down any path they chose.
  • Says that the best schools in the nation right now are not the schools who follow traditional educational routes.
  • Was formerly the Chief Academic Officer of Metro Early College High School, which focuses on STEM fields.
  • Only once her students started outperforming others on the state tests did people start believing in Metro's vision.
  • Says her goal is to reach the kids who aren't good at "playing school."
  • Believes every kid needs someone who says to them, "Of course you can get an A. Of course you can go to college!"
  • Says the best part of a teacher's day can't be the planning or the grading-it has to be the hours in the classroom with the kids.
  • Now works for Battelle, where she fosters the development of more STEM-centred schools like Metro.

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