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First Flavor

“I was thinking that it was sort of riskier for me not to do this because I thought it was interesting; I thought there was something here, and I would have felt a lot worse if I had just let this go and then found out five years later that this thing is now on the market.”


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Adnan Aziz, founder of First Flavor, got his idea for the popular edible filmstrips when he was a sophomore sitting in his dorm room watching the original Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. In the movie, there was edible wallpaper that tasted like strawberries and bananas, and Adnan felt inspired by the odd scene, but he didn't know why. "There's something here, this is interesting to me for some reason," he says. He brought it up to his friends and came up with the technology for edible films, a product where people can actually taste a product before they buy it. In the beginning stages of the development, Adnan didn't get good reactions from people; he needed to perfect the taste of the films to replicate the actual product. It took him about 26 tries to nail it down, but when he did, his innovative idea turned into a sought-after product by big brands all over the country. People can now taste actual products by major brands from Sunny D Smoothies to Welch's Grape Juice before they buy it.

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