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    Boulder, CO


Co-founder / Chief Software Architect

“We chose fun, and then we emphasized in everything that we did.”


Engineering Technology


Determination Exploration Passion Risk Hobbies & Pastimes Individualism Honesty Perseverance Dedication Hard Work Planning Struggle Doubt Talent


Building Things


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  • Says that because he didn’t grow up with much money, he developed a fascination with taking things apart and trying to build new things with the pieces.
  • From there, the natural transition was to learn code, which was essentially an extension of his penchant for building things.
  • One summer, he went and lived with a relative who wrote software for airplanes.
  • To satisfy his propensity for building things, he worked a day job constructing houses, but every night, he went home and studied physics.
  • Eventually, he couldn’t keep up the two lives he was living, so he quit his day job and went back to school, where he met his Sphero co-founder, Ian Bernstein.
  • The two came up with hundreds of ideas for robotics that could be controlled by phone, but ultimately, they chose to produce the Sphero robot; Adam says, “we chose to have fun.”
  • At one of the competitions that they entered, they won a mentorship by Disney CEO Bob Iger; Iger showed them the prototype for Star Wars’ BB-8 and asked them to develop the robot.
  • Says the most uncomfortable thing about running a company has been the interpersonal interactions he has to partake in, but he’s found his confidence in order to enact his vision.

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