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Duration: 8:16

Themes Discussed:

Chance Choices Confidence Conflict Courage Dedication Determination Education Exploration Failure Family Fear Focus Fulfillment Goals Hard Work Individualism Instincts Money & Financial Security Perseverance Planning Regrets Risk Self-Reflection Simplicity Societal Pressures Struggle Success Values

Tags: art, artist, at the end of your life, band, Berklee College of Music, better, bored, boss, Boston, CalTech, careful, caution, circumstances, community college, curiosity, diploma, disagreement, discover, downside, dream job, effort, engaging, engineering, fail, father, feel, future, graduation, great highs, great lows, Greeks, hard work, high school, highs, hippies, inheritance, interests, interview, Jet Propulsion Lab, job, job application, job interview, JPL, landing, lows, luck, make something, Mars, math, money, monk, monkish, motivating, music, NASA, not trying, opportunity, parents, PhD, physics, process, reckless, recklessness, regrets, results, rocket, rover, salvation, school, science, search, shuttle, space, splash, stars, success, Tom Sacks, truth, try, trying, universe, wealth, work tip

Adam Steltzner

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Palm Springs, CA

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