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Is It Worth It?

Duration: 1:12

Themes Discussed:

Hard Work Success Values

Tags: time, mental experiment

Dean Kamen

DEKA Research

  • Is It Worth It? (1:12)
    Dean Kamen
    DEKA Research
  • The Privilege of Freedom (1:04)
    Gillian Caldwell
    Human Rights Program Witness
  • I Have To Be Active (1:08)
    Jehmu Greene
    Executive Director
    Rock The Vote
  • Culture & Values (1:15)
    Jim Koch
    Samuel Adams
  • Something You Love Doing (0:46)
    John Podesta
    Center for American Progress
  • I Wanted To Make A Difference (0:53)
    Paul Goble
    Senior Associate
    Carnegie Endowment For International Peace
  • The Electronic Frontier Foundation (0:34)
    John Perry Barlow
    Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
  • Everyone's Success Is Different (0:47)
    Raul Ruiz
    Emergency Physician
    Eisenhower Medical Center
  • I Can Handle This (1:23)
    Sherry Grathler
    Whitewater Rafting Guide
    Los Rios River Runners
  • The Enormity of Loss (1:37)
    Brittan Heller
    Human Rights Attorney
  • Sexual Assault Phenomenon (0:41)
    Staceyann Chin
    Poet & Activist
  • Uncertainty and Fear (1:14)
    Howard Schultz
    Chairman and CEO

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