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Lead By Your Passion

Duration: 0:34

Themes Discussed:

Passion Talent

Tags: intriguing, analyzing

Gary Rydstrom

Sound Director
Skywalker Sound

  • Lead By Your Passion (0:34)
    Gary Rydstrom
    Sound Director
    Skywalker Sound
  • Things Happen In Stages (1:00)
    Ira Glass
    This American Life
  • Obsessed With Music (0:59)
    Jim DeRogatis
    Music Critic
    Chicago Sun-Times
  • Everybody Should Have A Chance (0:33)
    Rita Simó
    People's Music School
  • Luck, Talent, Hard Work (1:11)
    Walter Murch
    Film Editor / Sound Designer
    Apocalypse Now, Ghost, Julia, House of Cards
  • Do What You Enjoy (0:30)
    Jane Zhou
    Senior Research Engineer
    A123 Systems
  • Illusion of Life (0:44)
    Wayne Unten
    Walt Disney Studios
  • Vader (0:47)
    Ben Burtt
    Sound Designer
    Skywalker Sound
  • Your Distinct Contribution (1:07)
    Rodney Mullen
    Professional Skateboarder
    Almost Skateboards
  • Opportunities (0:58)
    Mike Song
  • This Is Who I Am (0:52)
    Fatimah Asghar
  • How I Became a Doctor (1:04)
    Michael Spalding
    Equal Chance for Education

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