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Out Of The Blue

Duration: 1:10

Themes Discussed:

Chance Education Opportunity Passion Planning Support & Encouragement

Tags: USC, Lucasfilm

Gary Rydstrom

Sound Director
Skywalker Sound

  • Out Of The Blue (1:10)
    Gary Rydstrom
    Sound Director
    Skywalker Sound
  • At The End of the Day (0:47)
    Richard Woolcott
  • Make Sure You Have A Support System (1:10)
    Byron Williams
    Process Integration Engineer
    Texas Instruments
  • Someone Like You (2:21)
    Lydia Villa-Komaroff
    Molecular Biologist & Chief Scientific Officer
  • Importance of Education (2:29)
    Bilal Bomani
    Senior Research Scientist
    NASA Glen Research Center
  • Make The World A Better Place (0:39)
    Thomas Nazario
    Professor of Law
    University of San Francisco
  • Loco Bloco (0:17)
    Aleks Zavaleta
    Executive Director
    Loco Bloco
  • Life Partner (0:57)
    Elizabeth Clay Roy
    Chief Strategy Officer
    Phipps Neighborhoods, South Bronx Rising Together
  • Finding Support (1:14)
    Phillip Loya
    Fellows Program Recruitment Manager
  • Transition to MIT (1:25)
    Matt Carroll
    Research Scientist
    MIT Media Lab
  • Talking to Others (0:38)
    Aurélie Jean
    Postdoctoral Associate
    MIT’s Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies
  • Alumni Network (0:38)
    Brian Stann
    President / CEO
    Hire Heroes USA

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