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To The Best Of Your Own Ability

Duration: 0:33

Themes Discussed:

Family Support & Encouragement

Tags: advantage

John Passacantando

Executive Director

  • To The Best Of Your Own Ability (0:33)
    John Passacantando
    Executive Director
  • Being Fearless (2:46)
    Wendy Williams
    Television/Radio Personality
  • Let's See How This Goes (2:03)
    Mariette DiChristina
    Editor in Chief
    Scientific American
  • Importance of Education (2:29)
    Bilal Bomani
    Senior Research Scientist
    NASA Glen Research Center
  • Terminally Unique (1:08)
    Ian Harvie
    Stand-Up Comic
  • You Don't Do It By Yourself (1:33)
    Paula Carlson
    Director of Husbandry
    Dallas World Aquarium
  • Making Life (1:26)
    Airea Dee Matthews
    Spoken Word Poet
  • Unique Upbringing (2:04)
    Arne Duncan
    US Secretary of Education
    US Dept of Education
  • What Are You Afraid Of? (1:28)
    Alejandra Ceja
    Executive Director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics
    US Dept of Education
  • You Have to Push Through (0:40)
    Aimee Kennedy
    VP of Education, Philanthropy, and STEM Learning
    Battelle Memorial Institute
  • Questioning Who I Was (0:51)
    Sut Jhally
    Founder and Executive Director of the Media Education Foundation
    Media Education Foundation
  • Make The World A Better Place (0:39)
    Thomas Nazario
    Professor of Law
    University of San Francisco

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