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Goals Are Good

Duration: 0:35

Themes Discussed:

Goals Money & Financial Security Success

Tags: happiness

Al Merrick

Channel Island Surfboards

  • Goals Are Good (0:35)
    Al Merrick
    Channel Island Surfboards
  • Achievement Is Overrated (1:01)
    Chris Wink
    Blue Man Group
  • Meaningful Life (0:22)
    Grace Lee Boggs
    Social Activist/Writer/Founder
    Boggs Center
  • Just Wanted To Play The Trumpet (1:00)
    Irvin Mayfield
    Jazz Trumpeter/Founder
    New Orleans Jazz Orchestra
  • Accomplishments (0:24)
    Levi Ortiz
    Denver Fire Department
  • So Many Possibilities (0:48)
    Marilyn Halperin
    Director of Education and Communication
    Chicago Shakespeare Theatre
  • From Careless to Mentor (0:50)
    Roger Thomas
    Music Director/Musician
    Naturally 7
  • Sunlight On Trees (0:47)
    Ross Rebagliati
    Olympic Snowboarder
  • One Step Closer To Enjoying Life More (1:16)
    Tony Hale
  • Success Isn't Logical (1:02)
    Jeff Johnson
    Social & Political Activist/TV Personality
  • Everyone's Success Is Different (0:47)
    Raul Ruiz
    Emergency Physician
    Eisenhower Medical Center
  • The Judge for Success (0:49)
    Lillie Ng
    IT Architect

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