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Mainstream Society Was Empty

Duration: 1:14

Themes Discussed:

Beliefs & Faith Education Family Individualism Societal Pressures

Tags: society, vietnam war, civil rights movement, Buddhism

Bon Soeng

Zen Master
Empty Gate Zen Center

  • Mainstream Society Was Empty (1:14)
    Bon Soeng
    Zen Master
    Empty Gate Zen Center
  • Never Give Up (1:46)
    Edmund Stone
    Radio Host
    KBPS 89.9FM
  • No Death Bed Regrets (1:24)
    Ben Drexler
    Poi Spinner
  • What is that Girl (1:00)
    Julia Dalton-Brush
    Fit Journey
  • Self Doubt (0:51)
    Ashley Hamilton-Ross
    Environmental Engineer
  • Demonizing (0:53)
    Father Greg Boyle
    Founder / Executive Director
    Homeboy Industries
  • Inner Confidence (1:01)
    Elizabeth Clay Roy
    Chief Strategy Officer
    Phipps Neighborhoods, South Bronx Rising Together
  • Embarrassed About Dyslexia (1:42)
    Pete Denman
    UX Designer
  • You're The Label (0:39)
    Matt H. Schneps
    Astrophysicist / Director
    Harvard Laboratory for Visual Learning
  • Doing What Others Expect (0:49)
    Sabry Tozin
    Director of Enterprise Applications
  • Strength and Independence (1:31)
    Dima Elissa
    Founder / CEO
  • No One is Perfect (1:04)
    Mabel Arellanes
    New Mexico Law Offices of the Public Defender

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