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Living In a Me Culture

Duration: 2:33

Themes Discussed:

Culture Societal Pressures

Tags: environment, ego, technology, younger generation, marketing, consumption, spiritual insight, electronics

Kalle Lasn

Adbusters Magazine

  • Living In a Me Culture (2:33)
    Kalle Lasn
    Adbusters Magazine
  • Nuclear Lifestyle (0:16)
    Manny Kowino
    Self Employed
  • Don't Worry About It (1:53)
    Paula Carlson
    Director of Husbandry
    Dallas World Aquarium
  • Searching Will Lead You (1:10)
    Francis Bitonti
    Haute Couture Designer
    Francis Bitonti Studio
  • Demonizing (0:53)
    Father Greg Boyle
    Founder / Executive Director
    Homeboy Industries
  • Inner Confidence (1:01)
    Elizabeth Clay Roy
    Chief Strategy Officer
    Phipps Neighborhoods, South Bronx Rising Together
  • Persist (0:29)
    Bonnie Kennedy
    Chief Science Officer
    Blue Marble Game Company
  • Strength and Independence (1:31)
    Dima Elissa
    Founder / CEO
  • It Seems So Personal (0:51)
    Jose Antonio Vargas
    Journalist / Activist / Founder
    Define American
  • Women Are Just As Strong (1:14)
    Natalie Duran
    Clinical Researcher/Professional Athlete
    UCLA Health
  • Being A Young Leader (1:27)
    Jewel Burks
    Co-Founder & CEO
    Partpic Inc.
  • Why Science Looks The Way It Does (1:22)
    Evelynn M. Hammonds
    Professor, History of Science, African and African American Studies
    Harvard University

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