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So Many Things To Do

Duration: 1:26

Themes Discussed:

Choices Self-Reflection

Tags: energy, brain power, time, satisfaction, conservation, spending time wisely

Andrew Lins

Philadelphia Museum of Art

  • So Many Things To Do (1:26)
    Andrew Lins
    Philadelphia Museum of Art
  • Take Time To Learn How Your Mind Works (1:10)
    Bon Soeng
    Zen Master
    Empty Gate Zen Center
  • Power In Writing (0:47)
    Craig Brewer
    Film Director/Screenwriter
  • It Was Foolish (0:31)
    David Schwarz
  • New Perspective (0:38)
    Henry Juszkiewicz
    Gibson Guitar Corp.
  • Narrow Specialization (0:54)
    Paul Goble
    Senior Associate
    Carnegie Endowment For International Peace
  • Question Yourself (0:22)
    Pavel Brun
    Choreographer/Theatrical Producer
  • Take A Detour (2:29)
    Ross Rebagliati
    Olympic Snowboarder
  • I Didn't Wanna Do That (1:43)
    Robyn Francis
    Senior Scientist
    Bayer MaterialScience
  • A Tree is Not Strong Without its Roots (1:19)
    Omar Cardenas
    Youth Organizer
    Children's Defense Fund
  • Cultivating Something Else (0:59)
    Raven Jackson
    Chimp Haven
  • Comfort in Passion (0:25)
    Airea Dee Matthews
    Spoken Word Poet

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