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Survival Mode

Duration: 1:41

Themes Discussed:

Perseverance Struggle

Tags: college, death, scholarship, homeless, track and field, loss, mother, coaching

Bev Kearney

Track and Field Coach
UT Austin

  • Survival Mode (1:41)
    Bev Kearney
    Track and Field Coach
    UT Austin
  • Stick With It For A Little While (0:18)
    Joseph Haggerty
    Sports Writer
    Woburn Daily Times
  • Put Value In Your Effort (1:25)
    Adam Steltzner
    NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Discovering My Passion (1:07)
    Anna Maria Chávez
    Girl Scouts of the USA
  • Pressure To Quit (0:56)
    Rodney Mullen
    Professional Skateboarder
    Almost Skateboards
  • Get The Knowledge That You Need (1:30)
    Gale Gand
    Pastry Chef / Food Network Host
  • Spaceship Program (1:03)
    Brian Binnie
    Test Pilot
  • Perseverance (0:52)
    Brian Binnie
    Test Pilot
  • Work Hard (0:22)
    Beth McCarthy Miller
    Saturday Night Live and the MTV Video Music Awards
  • Skill-Building Years (0:45)
    Jennifer Lawrence
    Executive Program Director
  • Shark Tank (1:06)
    Nicole Baldwin
    Biao Skincare
  • Why I Fight (1:06)
    Julieta Garibay
    Deputy Advocacy Advisor
    United We Dream

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