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Doing Something Creative

Duration: 0:44

Themes Discussed:

Culture Passion

Tags: creativity, Navajo reservation, radio, film school

Bennie Klain

Independent Filmmaker/Founder
Trickster Films

  • Doing Something Creative (0:44)
    Bennie Klain
    Independent Filmmaker/Founder
    Trickster Films
  • Some Piece Of Your Soul (0:18)
    Chris Flink
    Product Design
  • Paid For Writing (1:23)
    David Fricke
    Senior Editor
    Rolling Stone Magazine
  • Aptitude For Business (0:27)
    David Neeleman
    jetBlue Airways
  • Fire In Your Belly (0:27)
    Devorah Major
    San Francisco Poet Laureate 2002-2006
  • Always A Lesson In Failure (1:20)
    Joe Quesada
    Editor In Chief
    Marvel Comics
  • Risk vs. Safety (0:44)
    Jonathan Poneman
    Sub Pop Records
  • What Really Brings You Joy? (0:23)
    Kevin Carroll
    The Katalyst
  • Part Of My DNA (0:54)
    Paul Mecurio
  • Doing What You Love (0:54)
    Rob Bollinger
    Artistic Director
    Cirque du Soleil
  • Follow It, Fight For It, Run After It (1:10)
    Christine Borelli
    Memphis Street Academy Charter School
  • Comfort in Passion (0:25)
    Airea Dee Mathews
    Spoken Word Poet

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