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You Can Do Anything You Want

Duration: 0:54

Themes Discussed:

Failure Fear Opportunity

Tags: keep trying, open doors, the unknown, taking advantage

Ann Telnaes

Political Cartoonist
Humor's Edge

  • You Can Do Anything You Want (0:54)
    Ann Telnaes
    Political Cartoonist
    Humor's Edge
  • Taking Opportunities (0:21)
    Joseph Haggerty
    Sports Writer
    Woburn Daily Times
  • Say Yes (0:38)
    Beverly Donofrio
  • I Love Skateboarding And I Love Drawing (0:41)
    Mark Foster
    Heroin Skateboards
  • Invent It (0:23)
    Laurie Coots
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Getting an Internship (1:07)
    Ashley Hamilton-Ross
    Environmental Engineer
  • Marine Biology (1:15)
    Milena Acosta
    Education Outreach Supervisor
    Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific
  • Find Where You Fit (1:09)
    Gary Vitti
    Head Athletic Trainer
    Los Angeles Lakers
  • Security Research (0:53)
    Samy Kamkar
    Hacker / Security Research
  • Getting Into Tech (1:00)
    Laura I. Gómez
  • Say Yes (1:05)
    Aurélie Jean
    Postdoctoral Associate
    MIT’s Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies
  • Open Doors for Other People (1:06)
    Julissa Arce
    Activist / Author
    My (Underground) American Dream

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