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Paying The Price

Duration: 1:22

Themes Discussed:

Education Hard Work Money & Financial Security

Tags: happiness, blues, prison

Cliff Antone

Antone's and Antone's Records

  • Paying The Price (1:22)
    Cliff Antone
    Antone's and Antone's Records
  • It's Not Wealth (0:26)
    Howard Schultz
    Chairman and CEO
  • Humanistically Oriented (2:04)
    Larry Brilliant
    Executive Director
  • The Poor (0:20)
    Larry Brilliant
    Executive Director
  • Money Is Not The Reason (1:03)
    Santiago Aguerre
    Reef Clothing
  • Following A Dream (0:36)
    Sal Donato
    Owner & Mechanic
    Philadelphia Motorsports
  • Being Worthy (1:10)
    Penny Brown Reynolds
    Judge/Author/Ordained Minister
  • Dedicated Poverty (0:51)
    Ann Powers
    Rock Journalist/Senior Curator
    Experience Music Project
  • Pause All The Time (1:44)
    Luis Padilla
    Director of Animal Health
    St. Louis Zoo
  • Growing Up (1:14)
    Gwen Zepeda
  • Do What Makes Sense To You (1:04)
    Carl Foster
    Co-Owner / CEO
    Juice Hugger
  • Work Ethic (1:14)
    Cendy Vides
    Operations Manager / Family Engagement Coordinator
    College Track

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