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To Be Somebody

Duration: 0:27

Themes Discussed:

Confidence Individualism

Tags: unique, distinguish

Bev Kearney

Track and Field Coach
UT Austin

  • To Be Somebody (0:27)
    Bev Kearney
    Track and Field Coach
    UT Austin
  • Mainstream Society Was Empty (1:14)
    Bon Soeng
    Zen Master
    Empty Gate Zen Center
  • Becoming A Performance Artist (0:13)
    Chris Wink
    Blue Man Group
  • Be Your Own Person (2:23)
    David Fricke
    Senior Editor
    Rolling Stone Magazine
  • Doing Your Best (0:14)
    Irvin Mayfield
    Jazz Trumpeter/Founder
    New Orleans Jazz Orchestra
  • Live Your Life (0:47)
    Jan Robinson Flint
    Social Activist
    Black Women for Wellness
  • Knowing Yourself (0:47)
    Maribel Lieberman
    MarieBelle Fine Treats and Chocolates
  • You Gotta Be Yourself (0:24)
    Michael Dell
    Dell Computers
  • Creating Your Own Road (0:35)
    Pat Croce
    Entrepreneur/Sports Team Executive/Author
  • I Wanna Be Surprised (0:53)
    Jad Abumrad
  • The Judge for Success (0:49)
    Lillie Ng
    IT Architect
  • Making Life (1:26)
    Airea Dee Matthews
    Spoken Word Poet

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