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Open About The Future

Duration: 0:36

Themes Discussed:

Choices Doubt Individualism

Tags: future, unique, trust yourself

Ana Hortillosa

Event Coordinator
Asian Art Museum

  • Open About The Future (0:36)
    Ana Hortillosa
    Event Coordinator
    Asian Art Museum
  • Quality Is Priceless (0:23)
    Irvin Mayfield
    Jazz Trumpeter/Founder
    New Orleans Jazz Orchestra
  • Be Ready For Opportunity (0:36)
    Jeremy Sparks
    Cheyenne Rodeo
  • Your Own Heart Will Never Set You Astray (1:06)
    John Passacantando
    Executive Director
  • Learning From Life Itself (0:36)
    Kinky Friedman
  • Surrounded By Great People (0:16)
    Lee Walthall
    Delta Of Venus Cafe
  • Self Taught Artist (2:40)
    Mike Parillo
    Snowboard Graphic Designer/Painter
    Libtech Artist
  • Success Isn't Logical (1:02)
    Jeff Johnson
    Social & Political Activist/TV Personality
  • People Learn To Create (1:19)
    Jeremy England
  • Come to a Cliff (1:08)
    Airea Dee Matthews
    Spoken Word Poet
  • Your Best Tool (0:39)
    Betty Cortina
    Editorial Director
    Latina Magazine
  • Road blocks (1:31)
    Julia Fuller
    Senior Designer/Associate
    Interior Architects

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