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Fear As A Driving Force

Duration: 1:03

Themes Discussed:

Determination Failure Fear Hard Work

Tags: praying, drive, energy, future, motivation

Al Merrick

Channel Island Surfboards

  • Fear As A Driving Force (1:03)
    Al Merrick
    Channel Island Surfboards
  • Beth McCarthy (0:05)
    Beth McCarthy Miller
    Saturday Night Live and the MTV Video Music Awards
  • Paying The Price (1:22)
    Cliff Antone
    Antone’s and Antone’s Records
  • The Best School Is Experience (2:50)
    Damon Dash
    Hip-Hop Mogul
    Roc-A-Fella Records
  • Starting At The Bottom (0:22)
    Gerard Baker
    Park Superintendent
    Mount Rushmore
  • Create A Roadmap (3:33)
    Joe Quesada
    Editor In Chief
    Marvel Comics
  • Gotta Take Action (2:13)
    Pat Croce
    Entrepreneur/Sports Team Executive/Author
  • You Can Be (0:36)
    Paul Rodriguez
    Professional Skateboarder
    Plan B Skateboards
  • It's Not Like I'm Doing One Thing (1:37)
    Marty Odlin
    Bamboo Bike Studio
  • Lean Into The Problem (1:29)
    Delfina Eberly
    Director of Data Center Operations
  • Every Job Under The Sun (0:41)
    Sal Donato
    Owner & Mechanic
    Philadelphia Motorsports
  • Hard Work Doesn't Scare Me (1:34)
    Will Allen
    Growing Power

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