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In It For The Blues

Duration: 2:00

Themes Discussed:

Chance Confidence Desire Hard Work

Tags: Louisiana, music, texas, diversity, blues, genuine

Cliff Antone

Antone’s and Antone’s Records

  • In It For The Blues (2:00)
    Cliff Antone
    Antone’s and Antone’s Records
  • Is It Worth It? (1:12)
    Dean Kamen
    DEKA Research
  • Starting At The Bottom (0:22)
    Gerard Baker
    Park Superintendent
    Mount Rushmore
  • Be Ready For Opportunity (0:36)
    Jeremy Sparks
    Cheyenne Rodeo
  • Always A Lesson In Failure (1:20)
    Joe Quesada
    Editor In Chief
    Marvel Comics
  • A Fun Project (0:46)
    The Ditty Bops
    The Ditty Bops
  • Luck, Talent, Hard Work (1:11)
    Walter Murch
    Film Editor/Sound Designer
    Apocalypse Now, Ghost, Julia, House of Cards
  • Being Fearless (2:46)
    Wendy Williams
    Television/Radio Personality
  • Work With a Purpose (0:19)
    Whit Alexander
    Cranium Games
  • Unaware Of the 'box' (1:35)
    Jessica Matthews
    Chief Executive Officer
    Uncharted Play
  • Surrender to the Process (1:18)
    Adam Steltzner
    NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Every Job Under The Sun (0:41)
    Sal Donato
    Owner & Mechanic
    Philadelphia Motorsports

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