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Goals Are Good

Duration: 0:35

Themes Discussed:

Goals Money & Financial Security Success

Tags: happiness

Al Merrick

Channel Island Surfboards

  • Goals Are Good (0:35)
    Al Merrick
    Channel Island Surfboards
  • Being The Best I Could Be (0:19)
    Al Merrick
    Channel Island Surfboards
  • Undeveloped Film (0:32)
    Craig Brewer
    Film Director/Screenwriter
  • This Is My Stoop (1:10)
    Damon Dash
    Hip-Hop Mogul
    Roc-A-Fella Records
  • Always About The Skiing (0:18)
    Dave Jacobs
    Spyder Ski Apparel
  • Isolated Defining Moment (0:59)
    Dave McGillivray
    Race Director
    Boston Marathon
  • To Try To Change The World (1:51)
    Gillian Caldwell
    Human Rights Program Witness
  • Look Into Yourself (1:17)
    My Harrison
    Section Chief
  • To Cure Cancer (1:19)
    Steven Rosenberg
    Chief of Surgery
    National Cancer Institute
  • There's Always Gonna Be Temptation (1:04)
    Byron Williams
    Process Integration Engineer
    Texas Instruments
  • No Death Bed Regrets (1:24)
    Ben Drexler
    Poi Spinner
  • Cultivating Something Else (0:59)
    Raven Jackson
    Chimp Haven

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