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What Would Be Meaningful?

Duration: 0:32

Themes Discussed:


Tags: happiness, meaning

Bert Jacobs

Life Is Good Clothing

  • What Would Be Meaningful? (0:32)
    Bert Jacobs
    Life Is Good Clothing
  • It Makes Me Happy (1:27)
    Ken Yager
    Rock Climber
  • Music Brings You Back (0:29)
    Steve Schankman
    Contemporary Productions
  • My Own Framework (1:54)
    Paolo Davanzo
    Founder/Executive Director
    Echo Park Film Center
  • A Great Profession (1:27)
    Kelly Whitaker
    Senior Research Engineer
  • Leaving Career In Human Rights (1:41)
    Ben Drexler
    Poi Spinner
  • Roads of Life (0:43)
    Daniela Romero
    ESL Coordinator
    Nationalities Services Center
  • My Motivation (1:24)
    Julianne Malveaux
    Bennett College for Women
  • Passion Evolves (1:06)
    Elizabeth Clay Roy
    Chief Strategy Officer
    Phipps Neighborhoods, South Bronx Rising Together
  • Passion for Problem Solving (0:56)
    Nikki Kaufman
    Founder / CEO
  • Anger, Hatred, and Sadness (0:26)
    Derek Weida
    Co-Founder & President
    The Next Objective
  • Success (0:27)
    Adriana Jimenez
    Operations Analyst - Taco Bell International
    Yum! Brands

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