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You Can Do Anything You Want

Duration: 0:54

Themes Discussed:

Failure Fear Opportunity

Tags: keep trying, open doors, the unknown, taking advantage

Ann Telnaes

Political Cartoonist
Humor's Edge

  • You Can Do Anything You Want (0:54)
    Ann Telnaes
    Political Cartoonist
    Humor's Edge
  • Right Place, Right Time (0:34)
    David Schwarz
  • Write A New Script (0:49)
    Jan Robinson Flint
    Social Activist
    Black Women for Wellness
  • Security Blanket (0:22)
    Pat O'Donnell
    Aspen Skiing Company
  • Change of Direction (0:45)
    Rita Simo
    People's Music School
  • Listen To Your Intuition (0:37)
    Walter Holmes
    Yoga Instructor
  • Fear Is Healthy (1:24)
    Jimmy Chin
  • Everybody Else Is Scared Too (1:12)
    John Perry Barlow
    Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
  • The Edge of Excitement (1:08)
    Laura Danly
    Griffith Observatory
  • Do It Afraid (1:00)
    Tony Hale
  • Starting To Stagnate (1:12)
    Dorit Donoviel
    Deputy Chief Scientist
    National Space Biomedical Research Facility
  • Don't 'What If' Yourself To Death (1:52)
    Ward Hessig
    Skydive Instructor
    Chicagoland Skydiving Center

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