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Undeveloped Film

Duration: 0:32

Themes Discussed:

Failure Family Goals

Tags: great american movie

Craig Brewer

Film Director/Screenwriter

  • Undeveloped Film (0:32)
    Craig Brewer
    Film Director/Screenwriter
  • I Just Had To Do It (1:11)
    Dave Jacobs
    Spyder Ski Apparel
  • How You React (0:45)
    David Neeleman
    jetBlue Airways
  • Afraid To Fail (0:13)
    Jerry Colangelo
    Arizona Diamondbacks and Phoenix Suns
  • Always A Lesson In Failure (1:20)
    Joe Quesada
    Editor In Chief
    Marvel Comics
  • What If I Fail? (0:35)
    Pat Croce
    Entrepreneur/Sports Team Executive/Author
  • The Capacity To Create (0:57)
    Paul Goble
    Senior Associate
    Carnegie Endowment For International Peace
  • Channeling Failure (0:25)
    Rob Bollinger
    Artistic Director
    Cirque du Soleil
  • You're Not Going To Fail (0:43)
    Thomas Kail
    Artistic Director
    Back House Productions
  • You Changed Your Mind (1:42)
    Christopher Brown
  • Learning Through Failure (1:16)
    Bilal Bomani
    Senior Research Scientist
    NASA Glen Research Center
  • Failure Is A Learning Experience (1:20)
    Robyn Francis
    Senior Scientist
    Bayer Materialscience

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