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It's A Lifelong Quest

Duration: 1:28

Themes Discussed:


Tags: Philanthropy, responsibility, generation, material possessions, helping others, do something

Beverly Robertson

Executive Director
National Civil Rights Museum

  • It's A Lifelong Quest (1:28)
    Beverly Robertson
    Executive Director
    National Civil Rights Museum
  • Hardwired (0:17)
    Gillian Caldwell
    Human Rights Program Witness
  • Travel the World (1:02)
    Todd Sotkiewicz
    Lonely Planet Americas
  • Making A Living (0:22)
    Walter Murch
    Film Editor / Sound Designer
    Apocalypse Now, Ghost, Julia, House of Cards
  • A Million Miles a Day (1:07)
    Randii Wessen
    Astronautics Systems Engineer
    NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Austin's Vortex (1:44)
    Lacey Roop
    Spoken Word Poet
  • Crazy Decisions (1:21)
    Hannah Song
    LiNK (Liberty In North Korea)
  • The Beginning (0:49)
    Rick Moonen
    Rick Moonen Seafood
  • Trying Different Things (0:43)
    Jim Yong Kim
    Partners in Health
  • Motivation (1:13)
    Alex Cattron
    Technical Product Manager
  • Success (1:06)
    Brent White
    Security Consultant
    Solutionary, Inc.
  • Military vs. Business (0:18)
    Vanessa Bond
    Director of Operations
    Aerial Autonomy

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