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It's A Lifelong Quest

Duration: 1:28

Themes Discussed:


Tags: Philanthropy, responsibility, generation, material possessions, helping others, do something

Beverly Robertson

Executive Director
National Civil Rights Museum

  • It's A Lifelong Quest (1:28)
    Beverly Robertson
    Executive Director
    National Civil Rights Museum
  • Do It From The Heart (1:15)
    Charlie Sims
  • Everyone Is Born With A Message (0:58)
    Gabriel Garcia
    Independent Filmmaker
    The Promised Land
  • The Rocky Mountains (1:22)
    Scott MacEachern
    General Manager
    Nike Livestrong
  • Now Is The Time (0:18)
    Shawn Lani
    Senior Exhibit Developer
  • Travel the World (1:02)
    Todd Sotkiewicz
    Lonely Planet Americas
  • Letting Go & Experimenting (1:02)
    Paolo Davanzo
    Founder/Executive Director
    Echo Park Film Center
  • All The Places In Between (0:30)
    Paul Salopek
    Foreign Correspondent & Journalist
  • Ask A Lot Of People A Lot Of Questions (0:44)
    Mariette DiChristina
    Editor in Chief
    Scientific American
  • Go Out & Do Something (0:49)
    Vicki Smith
    Level Designer
    Vicarious Visions
  • I Didn't Wanna Do That (1:43)
    Robyn Francis
    Senior Scientist
    Bayer Materialscience
  • Terminally Unique (1:08)
    Ian Harvie
    Stand-Up Comic

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