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Happenstance of Fate

Duration: 2:15

Themes Discussed:

Chance Exploration Planning

Tags: challenge, pediatric cancer, diabetes, needle, pump, water filter

Dean Kamen

DEKA Research

  • Happenstance of Fate (2:15)
    Dean Kamen
    DEKA Research
  • Explore the Unknown (0:39)
    Pavel Brun
    Choreographer/Theatrical Producer
  • Self Exploration (0:53)
    Scott MacEachern
    General Manager
    Nike Livestrong
  • Go On Road Trips (0:34)
    Stefan Sagmeister
    Graphic Designer
    Sagmeister, Inc.
  • You Changed Your Mind (1:42)
    Christopher Brown
  • Change As You Grow (0:30)
    Dean O'Malley
    Jetpack America
  • Find Your Bliss (0:16)
    Laurie Coots
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Marine Biologists (0:50)
    David Bader
    Director of Education
    Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific
  • Be Determined (1:04)
    Ann Powers
    Rock Journalist/Senior Curator
    Experience Music Project
  • Pros and Cons (2:12)
    Maria Siemionow
    Plastic Surgeon
    Cleveland Clinic Studio
  • Traveling Cross Country (0:48)
    Kristin Shannon
    Executive Director
    Emeril Lagasse Foundation
  • Growing Up (0:27)
    Satya Nadella

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