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Rough Plan

Duration: 0:40

Themes Discussed:

Experience Goals

Tags: change, plans, guide, wing it

Eric Gradman

Co-Founder & CTO
2 Bit Circus

  • Rough Plan (0:40)
    Eric Gradman
    Co-Founder & CTO
    2 Bit Circus
  • Half Jump (1:33)
    Mark Hannum
    Neuroscience Lab Director
    Thomas Jefferson School of Science and Technology
  • Passion Not a Job (0:42)
    Rahm Emanuel
    City of Chicago
  • Teaching By First Class (0:52)
    Lynn Phillips
    Senior Lecturer/Chief Undergraduate Advisor
    University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • Growing Experiences (0:34)
    Charline Wright-Gipson
    Corporate Lawyer
    Davillier Law Group, ILC
  • Philosophy and Medical Degree (1:13)
    Jim Yong Kim
    Partners in Health
  • Toys (1:45)
    Christian Jacobs
    Co-Creator, Director & Writer/Lead Singer
    Yo Gabba Gabba!/The Aquabats
  • Successful Face Transplant (2:16)
    Maria Siemionow
    Plastic Surgeon
    Cleveland Clinic Studio
  • The Family Doctor (0:23)
    Anthony Atala
    Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine
  • Life of Simplicity (0:49)
    Homaro Cantu
    Moto Restaurant
  • This Is Who I Am (0:52)
    Fatimah Asghar
  • Background (1:14)
    Misty Reynolds
    Lieutenant / Assistant Chief of Police
    City of Coachella Police Department

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