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The Meaning of Life

Duration: 0:56

Themes Discussed:


Tags: path, life, journey, quest

Sherry Grathler

Whitewater Rafting Guide
Los Rios River Runners

  • The Meaning of Life (0:56)
    Sherry Grathler
    Whitewater Rafting Guide
    Los Rios River Runners
  • Teeter Away (2:02)
    Staceyann Chin
    Poet & Activist
  • The Human Input (1:47)
    Ben Burtt
    Sound Designer
    Skywalker Sound
  • Listen More Than Play (0:52)
    Andrea Weatherhead
    Weatherhead Experience Design
  • Fear vs. Excitement (1:02)
    Christopher Jackson
    Musician / Actor
    Freestyle Love Supreme
  • Scholars (0:36)
    Jacqueline Sanderlin
    School Principal
    Foster Elementary School
  • Half Jump (1:33)
    Mark Hannum
    Neuroscience Lab Director
    Thomas Jefferson School of Science and Technology
  • Becoming a Teacher (1:26)
    Zio Perez
    Nettelhorst School
  • MTV (1:11)
    Sut Jhally
    Founder and Executive Director of the Media Education Foundation
    Media Education Foundation
  • Unfulfilling Career (0:50)
    Charline Wright-Gipson
    Corporate Lawyer
    Davillier Law Group, ILC
  • Been There (0:32)
    Daniela Romero
    ESL Coordinator
    Nationalities Services Center
  • Ran For Public Office (1:14)
    Julianne Malveaux
    Bennett College for Women

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