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All Those Ology's

Duration: 0:42

Themes Discussed:


Tags: biology, physics, animals, veterinarian, statistics, zoology

Cheryl Foster

C. Fosters

  • All Those Ology's (0:42)
    Cheryl Foster
    C. Fosters
  • Not A Warrior (0:49)
    Gerard Baker
    Park Superintendent
    Mount Rushmore
  • Fear Is Healthy (1:24)
    Jimmy Chin
  • Specializaition in Robotics (0:47)
    Nick DePalma
    Graduate Student
    MIT Personal Robots Group
  • Life Like A Mosaic (1:23)
    Paul Salopek
    Foreign Correspondent & Journalist
  • Make Sure You Have A Support System (1:10)
    Byron Williams
    Process Integration Engineer
    Texas Instruments
  • I Gotta Do This (0:55)
    Dorit Donoviel
    Deputy Chief Scientist
    National Space Biomedical Research Facility
  • The Answers Are In Us (0:53)
    Raul Ruiz
    Emergency Physician
    Eisenhower Medical Center
  • Work Ethic (1:00)
    Cynthia Pierre
    Senior Research Engineer
    Dow Chemical
  • STEM Makes Life More Interesting (1:58)
    Lillie Ng
    IT Architect
  • It Doesn't Have To Be Boring (1:00)
    Lillie Ng
    IT Architect
  • Following A Dream (0:36)
    Sal Donato
    Owner & Mechanic
    Philadelphia Motorsports

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