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There Is No Right Answer

Duration: 0:43

Themes Discussed:


Tags: there's something better, asking questions

Dean Kamen

DEKA Research

  • There Is No Right Answer (0:43)
    Dean Kamen
    DEKA Research
  • Not A Warrior (0:49)
    Gerard Baker
    Park Superintendent
    Mount Rushmore
  • Self Taught Artist (2:40)
    Mike Parillo
    Snowboard Graphic Designer/Painter
    Libtech Artist
  • Broaden Your Education (0:14)
    Paul Goble
    Senior Associate
    Carnegie Endowment For International Peace
  • The Rocky Mountains (1:22)
    Scott MacEachern
    General Manager
    Nike Livestrong
  • Words and Pictures (1:13)
    William Albert Allard
    Staff Photographer
    National Geographic
  • I Had To Do It (1:48)
    Jimmy Chin
  • Lean Into The Problem (1:29)
    Delfina Eberly
    Director of Data Center Operations
  • I Had A Goal (0:54)
    Elise Benstein
    Food Scientist
    Jelly Belly Candy Co.
  • Fear Of Math (1:18)
    Tracey Parrish
    Senior Marketing Manager
    AT&T Foundry
  • I Gotta Do This (0:55)
    Dorit Donoviel
    Deputy Chief Scientist
    National Space Biomedical Research Facility
  • The Creation Process (2:36)
    Zach Kaplan
    Founder & CEO

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