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Know What You're After

Duration: 0:15

Themes Discussed:


Tags: comparing yourself

Ben Zander

Music Conductor
Boston Philharmonic

  • Know What You're After (0:15)
    Ben Zander
    Music Conductor
    Boston Philharmonic
  • What Other Option? (0:48)
    Bev Kearney
    Track and Field Coach
    UT Austin
  • You Just Run (0:24)
    Dave McGillivray
    Race Director
    Boston Marathon
  • You Define You (1:13)
    Marshawn Evans
    Communication Counts
  • You Can Be (0:36)
    Paul Rodriguez
    Professional Skateboarder
    Plan B Skateboards
  • Can't Stop Dreaming (0:40)
    Peter Travers
    Film Critic
    Rolling Stone Magazine
  • To Cure Cancer (1:19)
    Steven Rosenberg
    Chief of Surgery
    National Cancer Institute
  • Bluebird, What Else? (1:05)
    Willie McMillon
    Professional Snowboarder/CEO
    Bluebird Wax
  • Make It Through Endurance (0:50)
    Christopher Brown
  • I Made A Promise (0:30)
    Deon Clark
    Nuclear Engineer/Founder
    Palo Verde Power Plant/Legacy Initiative
  • Discovering His Passion (0:41)
    Ben Drexler
    Poi Spinner
  • The Perfect Fellowship Program (0:58)
    Gene Dobbs-Bradford
    Executive Director
    Jazz St. Louis

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