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Park Superintendent

Duration: 0:53

Themes Discussed:

Determination Education

Tags: catholic school, pumping gas

Gerard Baker

Park Superintendent
Mount Rushmore

  • Park Superintendent (0:53)
    Gerard Baker
    Park Superintendent
    Mount Rushmore
  • Focusing On Your Ideas (0:36)
    Larry Weintraub
  • Can't Stop Dreaming (0:40)
    Peter Travers
    Film Critic
    Rolling Stone Magazine
  • Passion Comes Within (1:06)
    Ross Rebagliati
    Olympic Snowboarder
  • I Made This (0:36)
    Ben Burtt
    Sound Designer
    Skywalker Sound
  • Leave School Determined (0:25)
    Jessica Schimpf
    Mantra Glass Art
  • Work Hard (0:53)
    Akira Thompson
    3D Animator and Designer
  • On Your Pursuit (0:44)
    Chris Gardner
    Gardner Rich, LLC, Christopher Gardner Media
  • Be Self Reliant (1:18)
    Antonio French
    St. Louis' 21st Ward
  • Just Another Challenge (0:54)
    Misty Reynolds
    Lieutenant / Assistant Chief of Police
    City of Coachella Police Department
  • Don't Let Others Influence You (1:32)
    Julie Elberfeld
    SVP, Commercial Bank CIO
    Capital One
  • Focus On What's Important To You (1:00)
    Rod Fuller
    Vice President of Operations
    Exotics Racing

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