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A Different Person

Duration: 0:08

Themes Discussed:

Culture Experience Exploration

Tags: travel, perspective

Alex Steffen

Executive Editor

  • A Different Person (0:08)
    Alex Steffen
    Executive Editor
  • Vision of Italian Food (1:05)
    Buddy LaRosa
    LaRosa's Inc.
  • It Was Not Easy (0:27)
    Cecil Williams
    Glide Memorial Church
  • Transform Ourselves (0:30)
    Grace Lee Boggs
    Social Activist/Writer/Founder
    Boggs Center
  • It Finds You (0:58)
    Jan Robinson Flint
    Social Activist
    Black Women for Wellness
  • The Nature of the System (1:01)
    Jim Pate
    Executive Director
    Habitat For Humanity
  • Instrument for Social Change (0:34)
    Joel Klein
    New York City Schools
  • Living In a Me Culture (2:33)
    Kalle Lasn
    Adbusters Magazine
  • Part Of A Movement (0:33)
    Mike Henry
    Slam Poet
    Austin Slam Poetry
  • Adventure Is Not Knowing (1:46)
    Paula and Lorenz Eber
    Biked Around the World for Asthma Awareness
  • The Best Medicine is Happiness (0:56)
    Shi Yan Ming
    Shaolin Warrior
    USA Shaolin Temple
  • Round Yourself Out (1:29)
    Vicki Smith
    Level Designer
    Vicarious Visions

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