A Different Person

Duration: 0:08

Themes Discussed:

Culture Experience Exploration

Tags: travel, perspective

Alex Steffen

Executive Editor

  • A Different Person (0:08)
    Alex Steffen
    Executive Editor
  • Vision of Italian Food (1:05)
    Buddy LaRosa
    LaRosa's Inc.
  • Nobody Can Beat You (1:03)
    Gerard Baker
    Park Superintendent
    Mount Rushmore
  • It Finds You (0:58)
    Jan Robinson Flint
    Social Activist
    Black Women for Wellness
  • Culture & Values (1:15)
    Jim Koch
    Samuel Adams
  • The First Half of Life (1:02)
    Todd Sotkiewicz
    Lonely Planet Americas
  • We Need To Challenge Ourselves (1:08)
    Raul Ruiz
    Emergency Physician
    Eisenhower Medical Center
  • La Cultura Cura (0:33)
    Omar Cardenas
    Youth Organizer
    Children's Defense Fund
  • No Death Bed Regrets (1:24)
    Ben Drexler
    Poi Spinner
  • Moving From Jamaica To New York (0:56)
    Staceyann Chin
    Poet & Activist
  • School Fund (0:24)
    Matt Severson
    The School Fund
  • Children of Compton (1:05)
    Jacqualine Sanderline
    School Principal
    Foster Elementary School

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