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Always Say Yes

Duration: 1:33

Themes Discussed:

Chance Courage Desire Self-Reflection

Tags: teaching, internet, teacher, self education, public speaking, tour, say yes

Lynda Weinman


  • Always Say Yes (1:33)
    Lynda Weinman
  • The Matrix (1:25)
    Sut Jhally
    Founder and Executive Director of the Media Education Foundation
    Media Education Foundation
  • Being a Strong Woman (1:35)
    Celine Cousteau
    Documentary Filmmaker
    Ocean Futures Society
  • Step Out (1:07)
    Van Taylor Monroe
    Shoe Artist
    Obama Shoe
  • Dual Life (1:05)
    Jon Foreman
  • Get The Knowledge That You Need (1:30)
    Gale Gand
    Pastry Chef / Food Network Host
  • There Is Always Time (1:26)
    Weird Al Yankovic
  • Perseverance (0:52)
    Brian Binnie
    Test Pilot
  • Optimism (0:49)
    Ami Dar
    Executive Director
  • Open Doors for Other People (1:06)
    Julissa Arce
    Activist / Author
    My (Underground) American Dream
  • Take the Risk (0:57)
    Julissa Arce
    Activist / Author
    My (Underground) American Dream
  • Home Will Always Be There (0:34)
    Cheryl Dunye
    The Watermelon Woman

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